Introducing AlignIt

With our patent-pending wheel bracket and smart phone app, alignment pros can avoid costly alignment machines, perform accurate alignments… and save a ton of money!

Find out how

The world’s first smart phone alignment tool for the DYIer, small shop and racers

AlignIt was invented and built by Bob Mann, DrVolks.com, who saw the need for a lost cost, reliable, and portable wheel alignment tool.

1. AlignIt checks floor slope and adjusts to it
2. Does wheel run out.
3. Shows live camber
4. Asks if you wish to do caster
5. Walks you through the caster swipe and calls out how much to turn
6. Shows reading
7. Saves file to recall later.

For anyone who wants lower emissions, better MPG and better performance:


For the DIYer:

Aligned tires last longer – save money on expensive new tires


For the Shop Owner:

Avoid buying an expensive alignment machine. Save time and money while doing accurate alignments.


For the Race Car Circuit:

The car will drive better with less horsepower to move it. A quick, portable tool for alignments on the fly.

AlignIt Pro is currently in the developmental stage. If you would like to receive updates and to be notified when it is released, please sign up for our email list.