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As the title says, that is just what I have been doing. We started out with a very nice 1998 VW Beetle TDI and are turning it into a street legal kind of road race car. We added a full roll cage for safety,
updated the suspension to a coil over spring system and added a bunch of goodies to make it handle like no other Beetle.
For the really fun stuff you need lots of HP and torque, so we did a complete race rebuild to the TDI engine, bored the engine and added racing connecting rods. The head has been ported and polished by me. We installed an upgraded bigger turbo, we added a bigger fuel injector pump – an 11 mm one – and bigger injectors to boot. I designed a new high flowing intake for it to work with the CNG injection system, and sent out the Engine Control Unit to be reprogrammed for racing.

No one has built a TDI like this

A lot of it is “I think it will work” or as we call it “wild ass guessing”. With this base engine it should be good for 200 HP all day long on just diesel fuel. The clutch is a racing set up and the 5 speed is a racing setup unit to handle a lot of power.
Now for MORE fun stuff: CNG or Natural Gas Duel Fuel injection added. What we hope to show is that Natural gas can be the next racing fuel at 140 Octane and a dollar a gallon or GGE. If you follow my work you know I have been doing CNG designing and installing all kinds of systems over the last ten years. We hope to add another 200 HP+ to the engine just by adding CNG. It has its own injection computer so we can have full control of the injection of the Natural Gas. The first system we will use has two to four injectors placed just in front of the intake ports so it kind of fogs the intake ports with a mix of Natural gas and air under 30 pounds of boost. How this works is CNG can come out of its injector at as low as -30 Celsius so it will supper chill the hot air in the intake port to help stuff more fuel and air in to the cylinder. It then mixes with the hot Diesel mist and helps it mix and flow though the combustion chamber bowl better. It’s not all about having a big bang on top of the piston to make power. If you can control the bang to push hard and keep pushing all the way down the power stroke, you make more usable power and less stress on parts.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Bob Mann