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 2009-17 VW Audi 2 + 1.8 liter timing chain

The chain on the right is the upgrade with better links.

If your car is included in the list below with model years 2008 to 2014 with EA888 engines you will need to get service to avoid damage to the motor.


If you do not get this issue serviced your car is in danger of the

timing chain skipping and damaging the motor. 

There is a failure alert for vehicles produced after the above bill date. They are turning on the check engine light for the chains stretching and the code is cam, crank mid alignment. Warning newer vehicles after the list dates have the new chain but the chain is still stretching and needs to be checked as well as may need service to prevent engine damage.

$1800 with the new upgrade chain and adjuster with seals and out side drive belt and oil change.

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