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Custom Tuning for your vehicle

Put the fun back in your car!

Bob has partnered with NRP Performance to bring European

race tuning to the US!

Bob can now custom tune your TDI on site!

What will you get with a custom tune up from Dr Volks?

An up to date base tune which is the product of years of development work which is then customized to your specific needs.
Some of the most advanced tuning in North America.
More horsepower, less fuel consumption.

Here’s an example of pricing and performance:

North American 00-03 TDI

Horsepower is approximate due to many variables, but particularly in parts selection and individual vehicle adjustments.*

Stage 1 Stock Stock +15-20*
Stage 2 Mild Upgrade Stock +20-25*

We do other VW and Audi vehicles Go to Shoptunes for more details and pricing!

Call Bob for a quote for your particular car: 781 588-3968.

Custom tuning your car’s onboard computer means that you’ll see more performance out of your car and better fuel economy…. and more fun! It’s like giving your car an energy drink kick! Isn’t that why you bought your TDI in the first place?

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Disclaimer: All Tunes are for off road use.

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