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How to Download IXI Flasher Software

 Go to and hit Download Software

  It downloads Quickly so check before hitting the button too many times!

Then please check your downloads folder for the information

 Read the important instructions below then download the how to Guide HERE or

follow along below directly.

If you have trouble with the download go to and download the the My anydesk link in the top right corner then give us a call.

step 1
Step two.
Step three
Step 4.
How to Guide_Page
How to Guide_Page
How to Guide_Page_

Caution when you click on the updated file if you initiate the updated file it will take over and download the file instantly without confirmation. This will remove any tunes previously in the car.

How to Guide_Page_07
How to Guide_Page_08.
How to Guide_Page_09.
How to Guide_Page_10.
How to Guide_Page_11.
How to Guide_Page_12.
How to Guide_Page_13.
How to Guide_Page_14.
How to Guide_Page_
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