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Check out this Volkswagen Masterpiece!

Proudly presenting our latest transformation of this VW Golf 7 GTI.

Turbo and Intercooler installed by @ltnfahrzeugtechnik

Detailed upgrades:

Turbo Garrett Powermax Stage 1

Intercooler DO88

Downpipe with HJS Sports catalytic converter

Exhaust System HG Motorsport Bull-X

From an initial stock power of 230HP & 350NM, we've archieved a stunning power of 449HP & 572NM!

Stay tuned for more !






BMW 140i F20 B58 MT

We are excited to present this project, a transformation of the BMW 140i F20 B58.

The vehicle came to us with its stock figures boasting 340 HP and 500 NM.

Modifications Include:

TU High Pressure Fuel Pump

Turbosystems Stage 2

Speed-Engineering Ram Air Kit

NGM 3.5" Exhaust System

Modded Downpipe 300 Cells Cat

CSF Charge Air Cooler

We also integrated:

•New Spark Plugs: Essential for optimal combustion and performance.

•New Bosch Injectors

•Catch-Can Install

After implementing these modifications and fine-tuning the setup, we undertook a performance test.

The results are 568 HP and 765 NM, achieved through our NRP Performance Stage 3 ECU Tuning.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and updates from our team.






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