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Bob Mann, aka Dr. Volks, is a VW and Audi Master Technician and TDI Specialist with over 35 years of experience.​

Bob is listed on as a trusted TDI Mechanic. You can find him HERE on the TDI state list for trusted mechanics. Furthermore he is a consultant for Patrick Racing.



NRP is the top rated European tunes providing quality, experience and great product reviews. 

Recently NRP holds the WORLD RECORD B58 Gen1 HALF MILE 1/2 SCC 500

!! 302 km/h Standing Half Mile !!

Tuned by NRP Performance

Available now through DR volks.


Go with the leading tuner, hardware and dynos in the world!

tune here

DrVolks can now tune your vehicle with cutting edge precision using the Personal Flasher.

Connect, read, and create a new working session! 


Connect, read, and create a new working session! 

Check Here to see if your vehicle is compatible!

Dr Volks is one of the leading tuners providing custom services for your vehicle. 

Tune as many cars as you like!

Lightning fast uploads and downloads.

We can connect and read your vehicle's data with just a few clicks.  

Now it's possible from today!

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