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Small, portable, yet powerful.

IXI Personal Flasher is easy to use thanks to its OBD connection.


Become your own tuner with cutting edge technology.


How It Works?


Connect, read, and create a new working session! You can create the file yourself. The ideal product for tuning professionals and amateurs.


IXI Personal Flasher can be reused with every vehicle listed in its dedicated list. You'll need to repeat the connection and reading procedure and generate a new session ID as well as a new file.


IXI Personal Flasher works on Windows operating system (version 10 recommended); you just need to download the dedicated software.


IXI Personal Flasher requires an active internet connection to function.



IXI Personal Flasher


    STAGE 1 400

    STAGE 2 450

When buying the Flasher bundled with a tune the Discount is added automatically at checkout

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